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  • Initial credit limit up to $1,000 doubles up to $2,000
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
  • Monthly reporting to the Three Major Credit Bureaus
  • Free Monthly Credit Score available on Electronic Statements
  • Open to people with poor credit


Continental Finance Company ("CFC") is one of America's leading marketers and servicers of credit cards for consumers with less-than-perfect credit.

Founded in 2005, CFC prides itself on its corporate responsibility to customers in terms of providing three cornerstone characteristics: a strong customer support program, fair treatment, and responsible lending.

What We Do

With over 2.6 million credit cards managed since our founding, CFC prides itself on excellent customer service and access to products with innovative features. We specialize in providing access to credit products and services to consumers who are largely overlooked by traditional credit card issuers. With a state of the art consumer underwriting, marketing and servicing platform, we are able to provide a variety of services to consumers when other financial institutions will not accommodate them. Whether you have fair credit, poor credit, or limited credit, we can provide you access to a product that is right for you.

Customer Support

CFC has a dedicated customer support team that understands the importance of helping customers manage credit responsibly. Our goal is to provide each customer with the highest level of customer support, including providing all the necessary educational tools in order for them to be successful in managing their personal credit.

Fair Treatment

The products that are offered to you are continually reassessed, keeping in mind, you, the customer. The application and credit decision processes, along with fees and charges, and payment requirements, are outlined clearly and concisely, both in print and online. The goal is to be completely transparent in providing this information to both existing and future customers.

Responsible Lending

Operating in a non-standard market requires a responsible attitude toward customer credit and lending. Therefore, making sure customers can afford to make regular payments on the credit that is extended to them is important. In turn, operating on a "low and grow" credit limit strategy, encourages customers to manage their account responsibly before increasing the credit limit to levels they might not be successful in managing today. For example, credit limits are increased only after a customer has demonstrated sound financial management.

Our Customers and Our Expertise

We are committed to providing our customers with superior value and customer service. Whether establishing or rebuilding credit, we are here to help you find the right product to achieve your goals. We report customer payment performance history to all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) every month!

We also support a "GO GREEN" initiative where customers can receive their monthly statement and other notifications electronically via the internet and email.